Why I Love Being a Younique Presenter

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Why I Love Being a Younique Presenter

I have a friend that got into selling Younique cosmetics at the beginning of the year. She was so excited and it was clear she was doing really well with it – she earned a FREE CRUISE for herself and her husband after just a few months. I watched, I envied. I didn’t think it was for me. I wouldn’t be good at it. In June, she was trying to reach a personal goal of adding X number of people to her team, even if they weren’t interested in selling. The kit of makeup that came along with signing up was a good deal, so I agreed. I told her not to expect anything from me, I just wanted the deal.

Here’s the kit I received for $99. (It has changed since I signed up)

I got my kit makeup, loved it, so I decided to throw myself a launch party to see what happened and to try to earn the money I spent on my kit back. I did–no problem! And guess what? I had fun. I had fun hosting an online party and sharing these products with my friends. A friend booked a party with me. A friend of hers signed up under me in that party. It was taking off. It was fun. It was happening! I decided to make more of an effort, I wanted to make this work and bring in some extra cash for my family! I was added to an array of FB groups for team leaders, which honestly was very overwhelming at first. After a bit, I got comfortable and realized how HELPFUL and FRIENDLY the other presenters are. The Founders regularly post and talk to the Presenters. It’s seriously like a big, happy, supportive family. Amazing.

Within 1 month I advanced to the next level, Yellow, by hitting sales targets. 5 weeks later I hit their fast start program ($2k in sales and 3 team members). That Fast Start not only earned me a cute little charm, but I also got $250 in FREE PRODUCT! Shopping Sprees are fun – especially when they are free! A month later I hit the next status- Pink. Pink seemed far out of reach at first. But with my team and I, it happened fast! I was so pumped. The next step is a big jump and I don’t foresee it happening for a while, but I know it will! Okay, so that’s a summary of my 3 month journey with Younique. So what do I love about it? I’ll tell you :)

When we reach a new level, or hit other targets, we get a cute little charm to add to our collections. My Pink one should be here any day!

1. The products. Hands-down the best make up I’ve used. Most people know Younique for the 3D mascara. It’s awesome. But, we also offer a full line of other products that are equally as awesome! A few of my favorites are: The new concealer (OMG-it actually covers dark under-eye circles and even tattoos!), the Splurge Cream Shadows, and the Primer. I honestly love everything I’ve used, but those are my tops. Our products are all naturally based and not tested on animals. Many of them are gluten free and vegan too!

tattoo concealer

lashes3splurge sept

2. The sisterhood. Over the years I’ve been in a lot of online communities with other women. Baby/Mama, Crafts, Sewing (I have a sewing business too!), Fabric, etc. All of them have been filled with drama! I didn’t think the drama could get worse than in the mama/baby communities, until I entered the custom fabric world. Holy cow. The drama. I’m amazed every day in the Younique groups. Everyone is so supportive of one another. Offering advice, sharing tips and pictures, providing public recognition. And guess what? No drama. Just good old fashioned sisterhood. It’s refreshing.

3. Free Make Up. Since I first started, I haven’t paid for any of my personal make up. How? I start parties for myself and earn hostess rewards for everything that I sell. I order my personal make up with those rewards, making them free. I have an entire (pretty amazing) collection and I still have a ton of rewards sitting there waiting to be spent. I’m also hoarding a ton of 50% product credits.

Here’s most of my collection. I really need a better way to organize.

4. Getting paid. I earn royalties on every sale. When I promoted to yellow, my % went up. I currently make 25% of every sale. And what’s even better? I get paid 3 hours later. Our budget is tight, like a lot of people’s. We don’t really have extra “fun” money to go out and eat or treat my son to ice cream. Thanks to Younique, we do now. I can pull out my Purple Younique to pay–it makes me feel proud. After you have a total payout of $50 or more, they send you your own Purple Younique card, it’s just like a debit card. Visa logo. You can pull cash out of the ATM with it. And again, it’s loaded with your commission just 3 hours after you sell something! Once you reach pink or higher in a given month, you also earn royalties on what your team sells! Getting that extra last month when I hit Pink was amazing!! That extra almost covered a week’s worth of groceries for my family of 4–and I did was build an awesome team by sharing these great products. Pretty cool.

Here’s a treat I got my daughter (I saw them and had to have them for her! Waiting for Rainbow Brite to be available!)
rainbow brite

5. Confidence. Confidence is something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember, and it’s only gotten worse the older I get. The make up makes me feel good. Reaching goals makes me feel great. Being part of something amazing makes me feel awesome.

6. Younique is more than Make Up. We also have the Younique Foundation. The foundation is to help abused women regain their lives. A portion of every sale goes to the foundation. Amazing, right? Younique empowers women. Younique cares. Younique is family. Read more about our foundation here: www.youniquefoundation.org

Okay, this has already gotten way longer than I planned, so I’ll stop now. If you can’t tell, I really love this. It’s nothing like I ever expected. It’s doing amazing things. I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Does this all sound great?! I promise it is. If you want more information on becoming a Presenter with Younique, shoot me a message! This is the current kit. Once we sell 1M of our new 3D+ mascara (as I type this we are at 944k) the kit will only include 1 mascara and you will pay $5.50 for shipping. So. Now’s the time to get the kit with the 2 mascaras and FREE shipping before we sell another 56K of our mascara (we probably only have days left). The kit is valued at over $250. There’s no obligation to sell. You can sign up just for the discount like I originally planned with no recourse if you keep it just for the discount! Want to go for it? Sign up here —> https://www.youniqueproducts.com/jeniaymami/business/presenterinfo#.VhapksvBzGc


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Mickey Mouse Birthday – Mickey Themed Eggs in a Nest

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For my son’s 2nd birthday Mickey extravaganza, I wanted to do something special for his breakfast!  I had a Mickey shaped cookie cutter laying around from the various projects for the party, so I decided to do a variation of a standard Eggs in a Nest breakfast.

MM eggs


They are really easy!  You just need bread, a cookie cutter, an egg and some butter.  Start by pressing the cookie cutter into the center of the bread.  Remove the cut piece and set aside.



Spread some butter on the bread.  Lightly spray the pan with non-stick spray.  Lay bread in the pan.  Crack egg into the hole.



You could just let it cook like this, but my son much prefers scrambled eggs.  I lightly beat the egg there in the pad to mix it together and added an itty bitty amount of milk.


Trying to get more creative, I made a second one, only this time I added a little food coloring to the egg.



Let it cook until the egg becomes mostly solid, and the downside of the bread is toasted.  Carefully flip and cook until done.  Remove from pan and serve!



I loved this because it was a super quick, yet cute, way to make my son’s birthday special from the moment he woke up.  Another great thing about this is you can use any type of cookie cutter you have to make a themed breakfast anytime!


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Mickey Mouse Party – Chocolate Pretzel Sticks

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I’ve always loved chocolate covered pretzels.  The salty and sweet combination is just perfect!  For my son’s 2nd Birthday we went all out in Mickey.  I wanted some quick, yet cute and yummy, sweet snacks.  These chocolate covered pretzel sticks were the perfect  addition!  They are super easy, and with sprinkles and colored chocolate, you can make them to fit any party or theme!



Any craft store has these colored chocolates (Candy Melts) in the baking section.  I picked mine up at Michael’s.  They always have a great selection of colors.



I used a plastic cup so the chocolate would be deep enough to make dipping the pretzels easy.  Just follow the instructions on the package to melt the chocolate.  It involves putting them in the microwave, stirring, microwave, stir, etc  until the chocolate is all melted smooth.  Once it’s ready, take a pretzel stick (you can get them by the “regular” pretzels in the chip aisle at the grocery store), and dip it in the chocolate.  Swirl it around to ensure good coverage.  Set on wax paper



I did about 6, and then added the sprinkles, before the chocolate hardened too much for the sprinkles to attach.




Take your sprinkles, mine happened to be little Mickey heads in various colors, and sprinkle them on top of the melted chocolate on the pretzels.  Add as many or as few as you’d like.  I ordered my Mickey sprinkles on Amazon, but places like Party City have them online as well.



I went a little overboard and did 3 different combinations of chocolate colors and sprinkles.

047 045


Repeat until you have as many as you want.  That’s it!  Super easy, adorable and delicious!  They were a hit at the party!

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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

My son is a Mickey Mouse fanatic, so of course we had to have a Mickey themed 2nd birthday party for him!  Today, I’m just sharing some pictures of the event.  I’ll have tutorials for many of the pieces coming soon!  I’ll update this post as I finish tutorials.


I had soooo much fun making everything for this party.  It started with these invitations.  I used my Cameo to make them!


Next, I made some adorable goodie bags!

I ran out of time to make everyone Mickey Mouse ears, so I had to use some from the party store.

I made a banner for his high chair, but failed to get a picture that included his whole name–whoops!

I made little signs for all of the food, using my cameo.  I, of course, had to add the theme to the food as well!


Tutorial for the chocolate covered pretzel sticks can be found here:  Chocolate Covered Pretzels


I can’t take credit for the awesome cake, my wonderful Mom made it.


I’ll get the tutorials for the invitations, food signs, dessert sticks, rice crispy treats and goodie bags and a special Mickey birthday breakfast  up as soon as I can!

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Toddler Snowflake Art with your Cameo or Cricut

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Toddler Snowflake Art with your Cameo or Cricut

My girlfriends and I had our annual Holiday Cookie Exchange last night!

Now that the kiddos are older, we decided to add a craft to the mix.  We scowered Pinterest for ideas, and came across this idea for a snowflake painting using tape.  I had done a similar project several months back with my son using his initial.  We agreed that something like this would be perfect for 2 22 month olds, as well as for a 4.5 year old.  I recently purchased a Silhouette Cameo (yay!) and am always looking for more crafts to use it for.  So, instead of using tape to make the snowflake, I used the Silhouette Studio to make a snowflake!  I used vinyl (had to use the Cricut brand since my store did not have the Silhouette brand), but it worked beautifully!  I made a large snowflake, roughly 8 inches by 8 inches and hit cut.  The Cameo did the rest.  I’m sure the Cricut would do just as well as long as you have a cartridge with a snowflake.

I did this before we left for the party.  Once at the party each mommy took a cut out, peeled the shape away and attached it to a 12×12 canvas.  I would recommend not doing a super intricate pattern, as it was a bit tricky peeling it off, but we all did so successfully without any tears!

Once the canvases were prepped we got the kids ready to paint!  For the two boys, it was easy, they just wanted to make a mess.    It was also my son’s first time using a paint brush instead of his hands!  We let them go to town, covering as much of the canvas as they would.  This craft is best if the snowflake pattern is covered in paint!

My friend’s daughter proved to be very meticulous with this craft, and was very careful about coloring inside of the lines!

Once enough of a mess was made and everyone’s canvases were (mostly) covered, we cleaned the kids up.  I had some glitter on hand, so we added a bit of glitter to each one for good measure.

Now, it was time to wait and let the paint dry.  Here’s what everyone’s almost-finished projects looked like:

Ok, ok, I filled in the edges of my son’s! :)

I think they turned out great!  Once they dry, it’s time to pull back the vinyl pattern to reveal the snowflake!  Some of the areas on the canvas got a bit goopy with paint, and seaped through the edges of the vinyl.  To avoid this, ensure you push the vinyl pattern down very firmly, and try to avoid really think areas of paint!


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Precious Car-N-Go Ponchos

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Did you know that it is not safe for your child to wear a bulky winter coat while buckled into their car seat? Watch this short slide show to find out why. My Precious Car-N-Go Ponchos are the perfect solution to keep your child warm and safe in these cold winter months! You can get your own Precious Car-N-Go Poncho in my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/JeniLynnDesigns?section_id=10742494

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Toddler Football Blanket Tutorial

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Toddler Football Blanket Tutorial

I saw a picture of a football blanket on Pinterest and just HAD to make one!  I’m always looking for great ideas that are cute but also geared towards boys.   My husband is a huge Broncos fan, so this was a perfect project!

There were no instructions with the picture I saw, so I decided to just make my own pattern and create this tutorial in case anyone wants to make their own!  It’s actually very easy and quick!

I chose to use brown bubble minky for the front and Broncos print fleece for the back.  I used white felt for the pattern on the front, also fleece would work just fine.

First, cut out a football shape from one of the fabrics.  I folded my fabric into quarters and cut it that way so the blanket would be consistent shape on all sides.  It took a few tries, to make it perfect, but it was just trimming the edges to make it look right.

My finished blanket is roughly 34 inches by 25 inches at the widest points, so my fabric cut is about 35 inches by 26 inches to allow for the seams.  Once you have the first fabric cut, fold your second fabric and use the first cut as a pattern.  This will ensure that both sides are identical shapes.


Next, it’s time to cut the white accent pieces for the front of the football.  While I was doing this part, I decided to embroider my son’s name to the front in case he wants to take it to daycare at times.  I got it set up and let me machine do it’s thing while I measured and cut white felt.

While my machine was stitching away I began measuring for the white strips.  I started 6 inches over from the point and measured the width.  It was roughly 20 inches.


1 inche width looked good visually, so I cut 2 1 inch by 22 inch strips.  I eyeballed the middle and cut a 1 inch strip 10 inches long.  Then it was time for the “stitches”.  I cut 4 6 inch pieces for that.  Once I had my white pieces ready, I pinned the two long pieces on either end and the horizontal strip to the middle.

With white thread in my sewing machine, I simply sitched around all sides of the white strips, close to the edge.  Once all pieces were securited to the minky I added the 4  6 inch white strips.  I eyeballed the placement and pinned them in place.  Once pinned, I stitched around all 4 edges of each piece.

Now it’s time to stitch the blanket together.  When working with minky lots of pinning is required!  Lay your two sides together, right sides together.  Pin around the edges, every few inches a part.  Once pinned head to your sewing machine and sew all the way around, leaving an opening a few inches long.

Once you stitch all the way around, turn your blanket rightside out.  Top stitch 1/4 inch from the edge, all the way around the blanket, ensuring that you tuck in the opening and stitch it closed.

That’s it!  You’re done!  Blankets are such an easy and functional project, I love it!  An idea I had after I had finished was to put a loop of grosgrain ribbon on one of the edges to hook it to a loop on a stroller.  I’ll do that next time! :)

My son loves it!

Love the blanket, but don’t want to make one yourself?  Send me a massage and we can work something out!  These are not yet posted in my Etsy shop, but soon will be!









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