Kids Finger Paint Initial Art

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Kids Finger Paint Initial Art

I’ve seen it on Pinterest and have seen friends do it, so we had to give it a try!  I’ve mostly seen it done with full names, but since I just had a 12×12 square canvas on hand I decided to just use my son’s initial.

This project was super easy, super fun, and SUPER messy!  Before we got started I decided to paint the background of the canvas in shades of blue as a nice backdrop and to cover the sides of the canvas.  So while my son was napping I got it ready.  I first took some masking tape and made a letter T in the center of the canvas.  I used 2 strips for each part of the T to make it more full

I wanted the background to be gradient blue so I pulled out 2 shades of blue and some white and put some on a plate so it was easy to mix.

I started at the bottom of the canvas and brushed some solid dark blue along the bottom portion, ensuring to also get the sides of the canvas.  For the next row I took the dark blue and mixed in just a tiny bit of white to make it slightly lighter and brushed it on.  I did this a few times, adding more white each time until I reached the top of the canvas.  Paint right over the masking tape letter.


Knowing that most of it would be painted over I only spent about 3 minutes on it and didn’t worry about imperfections.  I let it dry outside.

Once it was dry I got things ready for my son to go to town on this project.  Knowing that he gets crazy distracted outside, I decided to do the project inside, on the kitchen floor.  I laid a bunch of newspaper down (lesson learned–TAPE the paper down first!) and put some colors on two plates.  I had sponge brushes available incase he wanted to give those a try.

Knowing this was going to be messy I stripped my son down to his diaper and set him in front of the canvas.  He immiately reached for the warm colors plate, stuck his fingers in…and tried to eat the paint :/

Fortunately, I stopped him before it made it to his mouth.  He was having a great time, experimenting with his hands, the brushes, and even his feet a few times.

Like I said, this was a super messy project.

Once the canvas was mostly covered and he began losing interest it was bath time.  I had the bath set up and ready to go so I just had to drop him in and rinse him off.  Here’s his completed canvas:

I set it outside to help it dry faster and got the mess cleaned up.  The paint did get on my tile in a few spots where the newpaper had moved, but fortunately cleaned up super easy.  Once the paint was completely dry, I pulled the masking tape off to reveal the letter!  It was really easly to peal off.  I think next time, though, I’ll paint the background first, before applying the tape.  That way, the letter will be a coordinating solid color, rather than stark white…lessons learned :)

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