Mickey Mouse Birthday – Mickey Themed Eggs in a Nest

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For my son’s 2nd birthday Mickey extravaganza, I wanted to do something special for his breakfast!  I had a Mickey shaped cookie cutter laying around from the various projects for the party, so I decided to do a variation of a standard Eggs in a Nest breakfast.

MM eggs


They are really easy!  You just need bread, a cookie cutter, an egg and some butter.  Start by pressing the cookie cutter into the center of the bread.  Remove the cut piece and set aside.



Spread some butter on the bread.  Lightly spray the pan with non-stick spray.  Lay bread in the pan.  Crack egg into the hole.



You could just let it cook like this, but my son much prefers scrambled eggs.  I lightly beat the egg there in the pad to mix it together and added an itty bitty amount of milk.


Trying to get more creative, I made a second one, only this time I added a little food coloring to the egg.



Let it cook until the egg becomes mostly solid, and the downside of the bread is toasted.  Carefully flip and cook until done.  Remove from pan and serve!



I loved this because it was a super quick, yet cute, way to make my son’s birthday special from the moment he woke up.  Another great thing about this is you can use any type of cookie cutter you have to make a themed breakfast anytime!


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